G is for Ghosts. Kavanagh is haunted by a series of events in the past. For many of these he knows he is personally responsible. For two in particular, he cannot forgive himself.

There’s nothing he can do about one. The other offers a chance of redemption. For him, that’s all that matters now.

H is for Hayes, Maurice. Leader of The Syndicate and father figure to Kavanagh. And fathers never disappoint their sons . . . do they?

I is for Insurance. Non-negotiable rule . . . no one leaves The Syndicate.

If Kavanagh is going to leave the life he’s led for the past 8 years in London, he’s going to need an effective insurance policy.

J is for Jimmy. Maurice’s youngest son has never forgiven Kavanagh for showing him up as a teenager in front of his friends. On a deeper level, he’s always resented the preferential treatment Kavanagh appears to have been receiving, attention which he feels should have been his. Someday, he tells himself . . . someday.

Jessica Murphy. A three-year-old innocent catalyst who changes everything for Kavanagh.

K is for Katy Kavanagh, his younger sister . . . and another ghost who won’t let go .

L is for Lowe, Adrian. Kavanagh doesn’t have friends but the task he has set himself is not something he can do alone. He has to trust someone . . . and Lowe feels like the safest option.