Just because my blog has been out of action for quite a while now, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging at all. In fact, during the run up to the publication of both The Hidden Legacy and Lie In Wait as eBooks, I wrote a number of pieces for a host of excellent bloggers and it occurred to me that this might now be an opportunity to post some of those on here.

I do so for two reasons: firstly, I’m aware there may be some people who missed them the first time through, either because they just happened to blink (social media can be like that) or because they hadn’t heard of either book at the time, or maybe even because they don’t do social media full stop.

The other reason, far more pertinent, is that for the next three months I’m going to be devoting a substantial amount of time and energy to writing book 3, which currently has the working title of What She Does. This will mean I’m not going to have much time to create new blogs for a while so this will hopefully entertain and maybe even help some other writers in the meantime. I’ll start with one from the excellent Jera’s Jamboree which first appeared just over a year ago. 

At the time, The Hidden Legacy had been out for a fortnight and Lie in Wait was still under its working title “The Goose Drank Wine”. Hope you enjoy it!